“Come fun, come all”… unless you’re fatty, fat, fat

Yesterday, I saw a full page ad that Old Navy took out in a local newspaper.  It was touting today’s fashion show in Bryant Park, to promote their RockStar Skinny Jeans, as being for “All women.  All shapes.  All sizes.  All on one runway.”  Except it isn’t.  If you read the teeny, tiny writing at the bottom of the page, you’ll see that only sizes 0 – 18 will be available to be “modeled” and given away. This burns me for a couple of reasons.  First of all, while most of Old Navy’s plus size pants goes up to size 30, the RockStar jeans top out at size 20.  Can’t a bigger girl rock the RockStar jeans?  And would it have killed the Old Navy PR department to include the size 20 for the fashion show?  Or were they afraid that anyone over size 18 would be waddling, instead of strutting, down the runway?  And don’t get me started on the picture that accompanies the ad.  “All shapes.  All sizes.”?  I think not!  Then there’s their use of the word “All”… don’t use the word if you’re not going to practice what it means.  I’d be OK if they had used “Most” or “Some”.  So, since I rarely keep my big, fat mouth shut especially when things piss me off, I wrote the following on Old Navy’s Facebook page.  By the time you read this, it’ll probably be taken down: “Come Fun, Come All”… unless you’re fat. “All women, All shapes, All sizes”? That’s a load of BS. And the picture certainly doesn’t represent all shapes or even sizes. What… us fat chicks over size 18 aren’t included in “All”? Heaven forbid one of us walks down the runway, rocking our bodacious curves in the middle of Bryant Park. I understand that your RockStar Jeans only go up to a size 20 while your other plus size clothing goes up to 30. But don’t try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes and say your fashion show is for “All women. All shapes. All sizes. All on one runway.” when it’s clearly not. That, dear people, is deceptive advertising. Image


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Now in my 50's and still a work in progress. Proud, happy mom of 2 wonderful kids who are married to equally wonderful people. Patiently waiting on grandchildren to spoil. In love with, and happily engaged to, my best friend and looking forward to the rest of the journey on this planet by his side.
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