Music has charms…

to calm the savage beast and brighten up even a blue, blah day.
Trying hard not to worry about things over which I have no control and looking forward to going home so I can veg out under the covers.  The company was holding "happy hour" but I was in no mood to drink so didn’t bother going.  Was about to leave when 
Sandy came over to tell me that there were boxes full of CD’s near the media center for the taking.  Turns out that the media center, which has an extensive collection of music from which producers and directors choose songs for commercials, had transferred everything to digital and was giving it all away.  Despite the crowd, I managed to snag some fairly decent CD’s including:
Shangri-La by the Rutles
Working Class Hero – A Tribute To John Lennon
Three Days Grace
David Foster – The Christmas Album
Take A Look In The Mirror by Korn
Thirteenth Step by A Perfect Circle
Soundtrack to "Someone Like You" (I love Tom Jones’ cover of "Burning Down The House")
Seventeen Days by 3 Doors Down
I also got a few compilations that were created for pitches and commercials.  Seems like fate, destiny, divine intervention (whatever you want to call it) stepped in to help pick up my mood on what could have been a very long, dreary weekend.
By the way, for those of you who have no idea who The Rutles are… 
The Rutles originally began as a sketch on Eric Idle’s UK show "Rutlland Weekend Televison".  Later, Lorne Michaels included the clip on SNL when Idle hosted in 1975, which led to the TV special "All You Need Is Cash".  It’s a wonderful, witty spoof of The Beatles.  Here are some pictures of The Pre-fab Four as well as the link to their official site:

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  1. Laura says:

    I was just browsing and I came across your site.  Very cool.  I love your little slideshow of funny signs.  They just crack me up.  Have a nice day

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