Senior Prom, College Graduation…

and all the cooking and preparations that went into getting it all ready makes for one tired but happy and proud Mom.  Also managed to fit in a movie date last Friday with B (saw the DaVinci Code which we both thought was good). 
Would have posted about Jason’s prom and Clara’s graduation sooner but between being exhausted after the weekend and bombarded when I got back to work, there was no time. 
Jason looked so handsome in his tuxedo.  His date, Miriam, put red tips in his hair to match the red chunks in hers.  They made quite the cute couple… in fact all his friends looked great that night.  Teen People magazine was there to take pictures and interview some of the kids for their prom edition next year.  If Jason’s picture makes it, you can be sure that I’ll buy lots of copies for him to autograph.
After the prom, Jason and the rest of Humble Offerings, along with some friends, drove down to Egg Harbor Township for a concert they held on Saturday.  Poor kid was pooped when he got home later that afternoon but came along with me when I dropped Clara off at the graduation dinner in the evening.  I rented a car for the weekend and was nervous driving on the highway since it had been a while… by Sunday, I was like an old pro… LOL.
Clara’s graduation was lovely.  It was held in the college auditorium… unfortunately the lighting wasn’t very good which explains the dark pictures I took of her when she was sitting down.  She looked so cute in her cap and gown… she wore flip flops so she wouldn’t slip going up and down the stairs or on the stage.  Words cannot describe how incredibly proud I was to see her receive her Bachelor of Arts (actually she only got the cover… the college will send the actual "sheepskin" later).  Of course, I  
Things got a bit chaotic after the ceremony and I wound up taking only one picture of her with some of her friends.  No one thought to take any pictures at the party we had afterwards in my home.  Not that Jason and I got to enjoy the party since we had to take Nelson back home because he had to work that evening.  No worries… we’ll take family pictures later since Clara got to keep her cap and gown… maybe have portraits done at Sears or JC Penney.
I took Monday off since I knew I’d be too tired to concentrate on work.  After dropping off the rental car, I went to B’s job with some leftover party food for lunch.  To my relief, he enjoyed my cooking although he found the potato and egg salad a little bland… this is from the guy who gave me a piece of the saltiest licorice candy I had ever tasted in my life. 
Yesterday, B had a meeting in the city and came to pick me up from work.  I gave him a tour of our open space which he thought looked like a funky warehouse (I agree).  It’s always nice to spend time with him but 3 times in a week is a record I don’t think will be surpassed for a long time. 

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