There are times when you can do things by yourself…

and times when you can use a little outside help.


Earlier this week, I noticed my bath tub was leaking.  It needed to be recaulked so that became my Saturday project.  Friday night, during our phone date, B gave me a great suggestion… after applying the caulk (which he jokingly insists on pronoucing "cock" and of course we had lots of fun with the double entrendres  ) smooth it out with a damp sponge.  Worked like a charm… no more leaks!  It wasn’t that big of a home improvement job but I got a lot of satisfaction in doing it myself.  Now, if I could only afford to tackle the rest of the things that need to be fixed around the condo… LOL!


Last night B called to tell me he had left his wallet on the train after taking his kids home.  Needless to say he was worried, not so much because of the credit cards and other ID’s but because the wallet also contained his monthly train pass.  When you’re on a budget, having to replace something that’s not cheap really throws you out of whack… I can sympathize with that.   


I kept B company on the phone while he waited for the train he was on to get back to the station.  I also said a little prayer to St. Anthony, asking for B’s wallet and train pass to be returned to him.  For those who don’t know, St. Anthony is usually petitioned to help find missing items or people.  I’ve asked for his help many times before with success and this time was no exception.  When the train pulled into the station, the conductor recognized B and handed him the wallet, pass and all… a passenger had turned it in to the conductor.  Whew!!  It’s nice to know there are still honest people in this world.  Also good to know you can count on some outside help when you need it.  Ahh… the power of prayer. 


Here’s a little information on St. Anthony for the curious….


About EmilyD

Now in my 50's and still a work in progress. Proud, happy mom of 2 wonderful kids who are married to equally wonderful people. Patiently waiting on grandchildren to spoil. In love with, and happily engaged to, my best friend and looking forward to the rest of the journey on this planet by his side.
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