Outback, Brokeback & the Saturday Night Lesbians

For this to make sense, I have to start with Lisa.  I first met her online in the BBW*NJ chat room on MSN.  It was a fun room and the best part was that the chatters would get together, once or twice a month, to have a good time and meet the faces on the other side of the computer.  Lisa and I met in person at the first "official" chat party on November 29, 2002,which was held at Charlie’s, a dive bar near her home in Clifton, NJ.  The attendees were Lisa, Jimmy (who she was interested in at the time), Wendy (more about her in a bit), Paul (my date that night) and me.  The first picture is of Paul, me, Lisa and Jimmy at the first chat party… Wendy was the photographer.  The second picture is of a later chat party at Charlie’s… Wendy’s on the right in the pink sweater.
Lisa and I hit it off really well and would often talk on the phone.  Since I don’t have a car and she did (and didn’t live far from me), she would be my ride to the chat parties.  Sometimes, when there wasn’t a party, she’d come get me and we’d drive down to the shore just to avoid being home alone on a Saturday night.  We began referring to each other as our "Saturday Night Lesbian Date".  (For the record, there was no lesbian sexual activity… sorry to disappoint you guys).  Most of those nights, Lisa would wear a lacy purple bra and flash men in parking lots before driving off or on the Garden State Parkway which was no mean feat while she was driving.  (Also for the record, I never flashed anyone… I didn’t want to be held responsible for hysterical blindness or some horrific crash.)
The chat parties grew and would be held in locations all over the state.  We went back to Charlie’s a couple of times, also to Jenk’s in Point Pleasant and Pistol Pete’s in Pleasantville.  Towards the end, the chat room became a fan base for a southern NJ band called Piece of Candi and the parties were held at the various bars where they played.  It was at one of those bars in Union Beach where I met John.
The Saturday Night Lesbian Dates continued until she met a guy who shall remain nameless (as he turned out to be a total jerk) and I began dating John (not a jerk but has too many issues).  Needless to say, things didn’t go well with Lisa’s relationship… shortly afterward, she decided a change of scenery was needed and moved to Florida to be closer to her family.  Although she’s been there over 2 years, Lisa’s still not fond of Florida since she prefers colder weather but she has a job she loves and made some great new friends who I had the pleasure of meeting during my visit to Lisa last May.
After Lisa left New Jersey, Wendy and I began hanging out and became close friends.  She is a fun, very witty lady who can be quite sarcastic at times but that’s one of the things I really like about her.  We advise each other on love and life although we rarely take each other’s advice… LOL!  We’ve also gone on little road trips, once taking a last-minute detour to Atlantic City after visiting a friend we had made in the BBW*NJ chat room.  One of our best times together had to be when we decided last year to meet a local guy from another chat room who had been flirting with both of us.  The company he worked for at the time puts on annual musical plays to benefit local children’s charities.  The musical was Bye Bye Birdie and he played one of the lead roles.  Wendy and I kept a running commentary during the whole show (quietly of course)… I don’t remember having laughed as much or as hard as I did that night.
For all the times Wendy and I have gotten together, we managed to avoid doing so on a Saturday night and continuing the "Lesbian" tradition that Lisa and I started.  However, this past Saturday, we went out to dinner and a movie.  We decided to eat at Outback Steakhouse, since we both craved a Blooming Onion, and watch Brokeback Mountain.  The wait at Outback was an hour long (thank God there was room inside to sit, because it was COLD outside) but the food made it worth the wait.  Our waiter, Steve, was young, cute and very attentive.  My prime rib was cooked to bloody perfection but my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I wound up taking most of the prime rib and baked sweet potato home.  After dinner, we had at least an hour before the movie began in the theater up the street so we sat in Wendy’s van and each left a phone message for Lisa whose birthday was the following day.  We made jokes about having our Saturday Night Lesbian Date although neither of us was wearing a purple bra. 
Before the movie started, Wendy and I joked about my last movie date who tried to grab my boob while watching King Kong in a crowded theater in front of a row full of kids.  I really didn’t care for the big ape… my date that is, the one on the screen was a far better gentleman.  Despite the subject matter, Brokeback Mountain turned out to be good movie, in my opinion… it’s a simple love story, simply told.  It certainly wasn’t the horrific, sexually graphic movie some people (who haven’t yet seen it, I might add) had warned me about. 
After the movie Wendy drove me home and although I didn’t get a kiss goodnight (kidding!)  I’d have to say it was one of my better "Lesbian Dates". 

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Now in my 50's and still a work in progress. Proud, happy mom of 2 wonderful kids who are married to equally wonderful people. Patiently waiting on grandchildren to spoil. In love with, and happily engaged to, my best friend and looking forward to the rest of the journey on this planet by his side.
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